I am new to hosting my own website (i want to get away from geocities.com). I have a laptop and a desktop pc which are both wireless in my house. I want to host it from my desktop (im getting an old p2 in about a year which ill host on then). Not only am behind a wireless router, i want to still be able to use windows normally as people are accessing my site. Is this possible and if so could someone explain what i should do to get it working? Thanks in advance!

Sure, it's possible. Before you get started make sure your ISP gives you a real IP address. A real, static IP address would be even better. If so, I can help you along.

well i dont know if my isp does...i have sbc yahoo dsl. However i do have abyss up and running with a website already, just since it is on a wireless computer, how can i get it out to people? Is there a dhcp program i can use to do this?

If you've got the website up and it works from within your network, then all you need to do is get into the configuration of your router and forward port 80 to the IP address of your webserver.

However, the SBC yahoo DSL that I've seen doesn't give you a real IP address so there is no way for you to host from your computers. Of course, maybe it's different where you are.

Why do you want to host it on your desktop? You can easily host it on a paid host, for $30-$40/year.

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