Is it possible to make the CPU use the free space in my harddrive as RAM?

i am pretty sure it isnt but you can increase the size of your virtual ram by going to my computer-->properties-->advanced-->performance settings-->advanced-->virtual memory-->change i recommend double the amount of ram you have.

Which Windows version please. this topic belongs in the appropriate section, and I'll move it as soon as you let us know.

Windows XP.

Thank you. I really wanted to get this out of the 'Tips and Tweaks' section.

mikeandike's got the right approach, by the way. You can't make hard drive space work in the same way as RAM, but if you have limited RAM available you can increase the available amount of Virtual memory by changing the settings for the Paging File.

I think double the amount of RAM is excessive, by the way. For systems with small amounts of RAM 1.5 times the amount of physical RAM is about as far as you should go to gain performance.

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