help!!!!!!!: You really should start your own thread and give specific details about what you are experiencing and any error messages you are getting. This thread, particularly the post you are referring to, is a few months old, and you will come closer to getting the attention you need for your problem if you start your own thread. :)

As advised above: Put this question in a new thread of your own please.

I had a hotmail account that was closed without notice in 2003, perhaps someone hacked it or some other problem. I was able to continue using my MSN messenger as long as I remembered the password but I lost it and got locked out of MSN messenger. As there is no support by email or phone I cannot get into my MSN messenger account nor open a new one with a different nick and email address.

How can I use MSN now?

Hi Thirdman....this thread is a couple of months old, so you should really start a new thread, that way your question gets the attention it deserves. :) Just click on New Thread at the top of the forum, and post your question there. Good luck!

Kim I have many problems with that too.Man , is there way to get to see my mail ever again.
Holler back if you have a clue what is going on at MSN
I see my new received mail but it keeps asking me to login at net passport nag screen.
Do they make bullets for computer programs yet??
man I wants some for these clowns
glen out

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