I’m not sure whether this is the right forum. But my wife’s laptop opens with the message “operating system not found.” If left off for a while I can sometimes get it to boot to Windows 2000 Professional. But then, unexpectedly, it will blue screen with “physical memory being dumped” and proceed through a slow checking of the hard drive. The laptop is old and I wonder whether the hard drive is at the end of its days. But finances force me to keep it going as long as I can?

Not overheating....? If it checks the drive when it restarts, it's likely the drive caused the error. Backup what is important ready for the day when it won't start at all.

I agree with gerbil...back up now....sounds like the hard disk is almost ready to retire.

it could be an End of Life of your HDD....but try to double check if you're familiar on how to open your laptop make sure that there's no loss connection of your HDD to your laptop motherboard...

but better to backup files..while you still got chance.. :)