Hey guys,

I have an issue with the partitions on my HDD and I was hoping the great minds of daniweb can help me.

Being a total jackass when partitioning my 120GB hard disk I set only 7 GB for my Windows Xp operating system leaving the remaining 113GB for my personal use of music, movies, apps, etc.

The problem here is that not only the registry is located on drive C (aside from the files you have on it) but also the virtual memory for installing new applications or burning CDs and such. Now I'm running with less than 1.5 GB of free space on my C drive and cant install anything on my laptop.

Any way you guys can help? Any free way to resize my partitions? Maybe make the cache transfer to my D drive where I have enough space? or do I have to go and buy an application like Acronis Disk Director Suite or something and blow 50 bucks?

Please any help would be very much appreciated.

The One.

Set the C to 30GB and set the D to the remainder of the space.

If you have problems with the freeware application and do not want to spend the 50 bucks below is a link with the steps to move your page file. If you opt to buy the software, I would highly recommended Acronis Disk Director I have used it on 2003 and xp multiple time without a problem. I would also recommended backing up your data before executing.