G'day. I'm here because I don't know the right question to ask :S

I discovered that if I clicked the mouse wheel down, I could get a little icon on a page that looks like a joy-stick icon -- take a Cap'n Cook at the attached image. By simply moving the mouse, without touching any buttons or whatever, the page can magically scroll -- normally up/down, but if the view is set very large, then left/right as well. :icon_rolleyes:

BUT, where is the setting for this? On my own machine the scrolling is controllable, but on the office machine (identical chipset but runs XP Pro and Office) the scrolling is about as friendly as a tornado.

How can it be adjusted?


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should be able to set from Control Panel > Mouse

i have that feature ,have xp pro, ]edit correction] ,i do have control over how many lines it scrolls in mouse settings in control panel

but no control over the push down

but no control over the push down

What are you trying to change in regards to push-behaviour? I think some 3rd party apps (like in the case of Logitech's "SetPoint" allow you to change the default behaviour.

As to adjusting the Auto Scroll functionality, there shouldn't be a need, as scroll speed depend on how close/far the cursor is from the scroll point.... close = slower, further away speeds things up

What are you trying to change in regards to push-behaviour? ...

On my machine, not very much. It's a joy to use. If I move down or up just a tad, the page will scroll at a nice reading pace. If I want speed, I just move a bit further.

As to adjusting the Auto Scroll functionality, there shouldn't be a need, ...

However, on the office machine things are very different. You only have to move the cursor a fraction -- 2 pfteenths is enough -- and the pages fly past at the speed of light. So I need a place to show the IT gurus, or maybe fiddle it myself.

As I said, they have identical chipsets -- Intel GEBV845 -- but mine runs W2K Pro SP4 with Lotus SmartSuite R9.8 and the office uses XP Pro SP3 with Office 2003

I'm downloading a Logitech driver to see if that opens the door.


Is this the same mouse being used in both cases?

Wuh... I'm back. I've discovered that the functionality we're looking at is called "Auto-scroll". :P

@kaninelupus - No. Mine is a very generic pre-Lenovo MO28UO (for which I think there may be a driver somewhere) and the office rodent is a Logitech Wireless Optical.

The Logitech driver didn't work on my machine :( it couldn't see a Logitech mouse. However, I downloaded a Lenovo driver, and it at least recognises my antique as well as giving me some goodies :)

@caperjack - My new Lenovo driver does have a greyed-out "Settings" button beside the Quick/Auto Scroll Control radio button in the "Wheel" tab, but obviously my mouse is too old for the driver.

All the searching I've done does indicate the Auto-scroll is to a large extent dependent on application scripting rather than OS settings. Which is a shame.


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