My old computer crashed and I purchased a Dell Optiplex 270. I have re-installed all of my programs except Microsoft Streets and Trips. When I put the CD in and try to open it I get a message saying Please Insert Disc in D:. I can put anyother CD in and it reads it. Does anyone know what is happening. Thanks for your help.

The disc is probably dirty, scratched, or damaged.

Give it a thorough look over.

Check the disk for damage to the inner circle which is held by the disk drive. I had a cd with a chip in the ring before, causing it not to read. I just put a piece of tape over the chip and it played fine. That's my best guess.

It is a new CD, but I did check for any dirt or flaws and it looks perfectly good, no scratches or anything.

How old is the CD? They do have a shelf life:
"At present, stated CD-R lifetimes are estimates based on accelerated aging tests, as the technology has not been in existence long enough to verify the upper range, 120 years. With proper care it is thought that CD-Rs should be readable one thousand times or more and have a shelf life of three to five years. Common handling practices can reduce shelf life to only one or two years, the practice of cleaning CDs may affect this"

I purchased Microsoft Streets and Trips about six months ago, installed it once and put it back in the origanial package. That is the only time it was used until I tried to install it on this computer. This is a really baffling problem. It makes me think that maybe Microsoft designed the CD to work only one time and then destroy itself. Anyway, thanks for all of your help. I really appreciate everyone on Daniweb being so considerate and kind.

Perhaps contact Microsoft Support and see if they can send you another CD. If you have a product key for the Streets and Trips (and you should, as you purchased the product) they MAY be able to help you. Hey, it's worth a shot, right?

You are right. Thanks for the info. I will call Microsoft. Call me stupid, but I did not think of that.