This is a request for any experience with software, suggesting software, or suggestions to solutions for the problem listed below.

We've recently integrated a repair facility into our large volume deployment (lvd) facility and our current software is not up to the task.

Background: The lvd has been using crm/manufacturing type software for quite some time but it doesn't have the repair process tracking functionality required now that the two facilities are integrated. A lot of the criteria were not available when the software was first purchased in the mid 1990's. Also, the current software manufacturer lacks customer service skills and charges ridiculous amounts for this "support" (1.5k a month) so we're not going with them.


  • The repair facility and lvd facility can both hold the same parts with the lvd parts owned by the customer and the repair parts owned by my employer. But the parts must be stocked and kept independent from the owners and in separate locations.
  • The lvd currently uses a form of kitting to build it's requested parts (These parts may consist of several pcs, monitors and printers bundled together) whereas the repair side only deals with 1 to 1 ratio. The repair side will still need to inform customers of what parts were required and the cost of labor needed to complete the repair.
  • We require the ability to track all items to at minimum a lot level as well as a lot and serial level for other parts (pcs/printers) through the deployment and repair process (i.e.: what stage in the deployment/repair said part is in).
  • We would like to have integration into the major freight carriers UPS, USPS, and FEDEX. If possible, the ability to integrate with smaller local carriers as well would be nice, but not a deal breaker.
  • We would like to have the ability to capture live data from the floor (repair or warehouse) to transfer, receive or manipulate the parts status.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. (Please don't mention writing the software from scratch--we've kicked it around and the boss won't bite since we only have 2 developers and no idea on the time frame required to make this on our own)

If anything needs to be clarified to give suggestions, feel free to ask.


Note: I hope this is the right forum for this type of question. If not will a moderator move to the correctly location?