Outlook 2003! I want to setup 2 different email accounts in outlook 2003 just like it does in outlook express. I have read so many how to's I am frustrated as none of them tell you how to do it. Could someone do a walk threw of how to setup 2 emails in outlook 2003 and have 2 sets of folders, inbox, sent, junk mail, drafts. And each accounts mail goes to the proper folders, and when you send an email it goes from the correct account and puts a copy in the correct sent folder. So far to me outlook 2003 is not as good as outlook express. it is not user friendly at all. I have tried the add a profile stuff and still no account folders, i tried the tools/email accounts/add and still no go. I do understand the rules stuff. I am finding a lot of people asking this same question all over the web and no one is getting an answer. Lots of stuff out here on setting up 1 account but not on more than one.
I hope you can help me, thanks.

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Hi, I opened Outlook and went to help and in Microsoft Outlook help,typed in "Add an Outlook e-mail profile" and found what i needed also a link to this web site that tell all !scroll down to multiple profiles,when creating the 2nd profile [in show profiles ] make sure to check off to chose a profile ,it will then prompt for you to pick a profile when opening outlook,any ? just ask


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