I have been getting this msg on boot up of my pc. I have XP Pro. It does take a while (2 minutes or so but does boot up). I had run Spybot S&D, AdWare and I do use Zone Alarm. I ran Panda and McAfee online virus checks and found no virus. Unable to locate the above mentioned file on my system. So question is where it is executing from and how to get rid off of it. At boot time it does show that it is runing from C:\... system32\. I have no luck to locate it (i can see other normally hidden / system files).

Any help, any idea... Thanks for your time and help...


Please post the full and exact contents of the error you are getting. We''l be able to help you much more quickly that way.


Thanks for your time.

When I am booting (cold boot / restart), after the POST, gui shows msg. that Executing C:\windows\system32\winotify.dll. It takes roughly about 2 minutes or more to complete the start process and get to desktop. Before I had my pc to boot in less than a minute all the way to desktop. So I believe there is something strange.

Anyhow, I had run the AdWare 6.0, Spybot S&D with latest dat files. Ran virus scan from Panda and McAfee (both online testing thru PCPitStop site) and found no virus, adwares or any other threats on system. I had not run the HiJackThis. If you need that I will run that later tonight and post it here, let me know if that is needed.

I am using XP-Pro with SP-1.

I appreciate your time and help.


Yes, I think a HijackThis log would be a good thing at this point.

However: Please be sure to post your HJT log in a separate new thread in our Viruses, Spyware, and other Nasties forum. That forum is where we concentrate on HJT log analysis.


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