I am using a pentium 4 2.66ghz processor, windows XP professional, 512mb ram 80 gig hard drive etc...........
I am using nero 6 to burn a movie file to my dvd rewriter. As soon as I have added the file and click burn (although nero 6 will transcode the file before it actually burns to disk) My cpu usage shoots to 100% and stays there! After nero has transcoded the file the computer hangs on the burning stage. Help!

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id defrag and do a scan disk and get any updates for nero that have come out >.<

otherwise im not sure what to tell you

hi, i'm having exactly the same problem, using a 3.3ghz athlon & 1 gig of RAM, I don't think its got anything to do with pc speed or specs, nero is set to use all available processor speed to encode as quickly as possible,it makes use of all your rescouces which slows down everything else, i don't yet have a solution to this but i'm working on it......

i've had this problem also, currently the only way i have found around it is to change the priority to a diffent level from high. have you tried this?

umm, I hate to bust your bubble about disfunctional PCs, but any form of video conversion, using either nero, Dr DivX, or any other software will use up all of your CPU time. Video encoding is complex and utilises your CPU to the max. Even if you get a 64 bit Athlon, video conversion will use up all of your CPU time.

Debbie:About your second query (the machine hangs), I suggest you uninstall nero and run a check for viruses and spyware. I also suggest you install the latest ASPI drivers and reinstall nero. Also, in device manager, under "IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers", double click the channel to which your Writer is connected and click the "Advanced Settings" tab. Under transfer mode, select "DMA if Available" and click OK. The transfer mode should now show "Ultra DMA Mode 2". See if this helps you out. If not, let us know

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