I just registered for this forum, to find out help on how to solve my problem with cpu usage overloading. My computer has been fine until about 3 days ago. It started getting real laggy, and my internet speed dropped majorly. When i open up (WTM) i see that SVCHOST.EXE is around 75-80 while the others are hardly taking up any cpu usage. I need to know if theres a simple download to fix this, or easy instructions. I disabled fast-user switch, that didnt help..I would appreciate any help you can give me thanks :)

First thing I would do is get two programs, Ad-aware & spybot S&D. Once installed you need to update them on the net. Once done start Ad-aware & make sure you have in scan within archives selected. You must place a check in the box along side any spyware it finds.
Then run Spybot & do the same.
Within Spybot you can download a program called spywareblaster, do that & update it once installed. This prevents spyware from being installed.
Try that & report back please.

I fixed the probablem last night, i did system restore and it fixed it fine. Also, i have a keylogger installed on my computer and spyware. They logger installed is from me, it prevents others to be installed on my computer. Plus i dont accept any files from anyone. thanks for the help neways