Well, hey there.

I'm new here, and I've basically come here to get some help, but I like it, so I'll stick around!

So, my problem?

I have just installed Windows XP Pro over an old Windows 98 SE. My PC has high enough spec to run it, and all seems good, except it won't work! I boot up and the Windows XP Pro splash comes up with the slidey blue bar. That stretches out a bit, probably to adjust to the monitor or something (I dunno). Then it goes off. Sometimes then I got multicoloured pixels in the top, say 1/4, of the screen. OR sometimes I get some yellowey vertical lines going from the top to about a third down the screen. Then..blank. I get a grey screen. It's not completely black, the monitor is showing something, but it's just blank. Nothing. So, it doesn't work. The thing is, I can boot in Safe Mode (with networking), and it's all good. Help?

That's all the info I have...


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Can you get something by starting up in windows xp with vga mode ?? the option can be accessed by pressing F8 on startup.

Yea. What does that mean exactly? Is it good?

Cheers for takin an interest! ;)


XP hasnt got the driver for your vga card ... so intall one manually.

Hmm...If you mean the graphics card, I've already done that..
And still.......nothing.
So, has anyone got any other ideas?


Well, Windows just gave me an error message, sayin that the driver may need updating. The driver I got is probably wrong then..:X. Oh, well. I'll give it a try.


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