Yesterday, I went to take my computer over to an Ex of mines house for a little lan party with some friends. While it was shutting down, I accedentally unplugged it to early. I didn't think much of it, but when I got to my exs house to set up my computer, when I turned it on, I could only get to the "last known good config" settings page, and no matter what I chose off of that list, it would just restart itself, and not get any further than that.

Its a custom computer and I am running windows xp, and no i havent installed anything on it recently. No matter what I do, nothing seems to work. Please, if anyone could tell me how to fix this, it would help me and save me quite a bit of money! thanks!!

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well, i dont want to do that because it will get rid of everything I have. i also think i may have lost the disk anyways. Ive also tried the ctrl f11 thing, but it dosent bring me to the recovery options. does it not do this because it is a custom comptuer? what else should I try??


what kind of cd would you recommend for downloading that onto?


You just boot your computer with windows xp cd, it will ask for repair or installation, you choose installation <enter>, agreement <f8>, then it will automatically find your old windows xp installation, it will ask for repair or fresh installation, you choose repair. After that, it will do every thing for you.
Enjoy Windows XP.

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