I don't think this is a major problem but it is definetly annoying. I have a Wireless DSL connection and about four out of ten times whenever the phone rings, I lose connection to the Internet. The first few times it happened, it didn't bother me because I think Wireless connection stills needs to be upgraded,etc. It only started to get annoying when I was researching for a school project when the phone rang and my mother answered, being on the phone for nearly 4 hours!!! (meaning I was without the Internet for four hours when I had a project due the next day.............yes I procrastinate). My question is if there is a way for this problem to be avoided or is that just the way it is? Thanks in advance.

it is porbably because your phone has the same transfer speed as the wireless transmitter.

Any way I can change that without damaging anything? Thanks for your reply.

Do you have a wireless ADSL modem ? AKA does the modem plug into the phone line, because if thats the case you need a ADSL line filter that you plug onto the socket that the phone plugs into (there about $20 au dicksmith, harveynormal etc.. have em).

The reason for this is the phone w/o the filter will throw noise onto the bandwith that the modem is using 4khz up (I think) and therefor force the basted to D/C