How beneficial is migration to Windows 7? will it be a good deal to shift to windows 7 from XP

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Not enough info. What problems are you having with XP?
Upgrading is both expensive and time consuming, and probably not worth it in most cases.

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you first need to make sure you ystem is ready fior it,compatible with your hardware .my suggestion is it best to buy new system with win7 on it,unless you system is reletively new and is Vista compatible

Depends on what you want to do, i suppose.

Gamers, yes
New builds, yes
Home users + businesses, maybe

I must admit I prefer working in Win 7 rather then XP. The task bar is useful when jumping between open applications. ( it shows what the application is without your having to click on it)


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Microsoft Windows Client Team

windows 7 amazing but I'm not able to find drivers for it

windows 7 amazing but I'm not able to find drivers for it

drivers for what devices ,if the device has a win Vista driver listed for it that should work in win7

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