I was hoping yu could helr me out... every time y star my msn messenger it will crash and say there's an unknown error... i've tried eveything but nothing works please help me.

1. If you're using Win 2000 or XP, open the Event Viewer utility in your Administrative Tools folder. From there you can review your System and Application logs to see if there are error or warning meassages related to the crashes. If you find such messages, double-click on them to view details of the messages and post that info here for us to review. Be sure to give us the complete and exact text of the messages; even the cryptic error numbers that you might find can mean something to us.

2. Give us more specifics overall:

- What version of Windows and MSN are you using?

- When did the problem start to occur?

- Had you made any software changes/upgrades/etc. at around that time?

- You said: "i've tried everything". Tell us what that "everything" was so that we don't waste your time suggesting fixes you've already tried.

And rather its a windows software question ... so I'm moving it to windows software forum ...

My yahoo messenger wasnt working a few days ago giving me the same msg as yours did ... and I did a full virus scan .............. it was the virus that was creating troubles for me .... Try it and then tell us ..