Hi, new to the site.. WAVing from the Desert in Southern California.

Problem: My Ourlook Express is SUDDENLY deleting INCOMING MAIL to the deleted folder... very odd.. any reason to think I have a hidden bug? I use Norton to protect me at every corner of the Internet...

No.. I am not using any MESSAGE attributes to direct mail to specific folders.

I saw some other Outlook Express questions in this area.. so decided to ask..


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Check if you have a rule in operation somewhere.

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Check if you have a rule in operation somewhere.

Thank you for your quick reply.. more stars to you <!>
No rules are being used at all. I've revisited that "spot" a couple of times to see if something has been placed there without my knowledge.

It is certainly a mystery~

It could be the spam filter on the server is rejecting the mail due to point of origin or content.

Is the inbox full?

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