My brother recently got a new game for the computer but it has problems installing. It installs perfectly up until you need to insert the second disc. When I insert the second CD an error comes up saying "Guru Meditation Error" (quite odd really). However if I leave these error alone, or even click "environment dump" or "cancel" it does nothing, I eventually get to near the end of the installation (about 97% at the most) and it comes up with a Cyclic Redundancy Error then quits the installer. I have tried to make an image of the CD from the Alcohol 120% program and straight copy the whole CD to my PC but there are always errors. I originally thought it was the CD that had errors on it however I have tried it on an older PC and it installs perfectly (however the game is too slow to play). I've heard errors like this can occur on back-up CD's but this is the original copy.

My computer is
Windows XP Home Edition, 2GHz, 512 mb RAM, COMBI RW16x10/DVD drive

Any help would be great, thanks.

Which game is this then??? Have you tried searching a game forum / site for the game in question? 9 times out of 10 people have solved the problem on those type of sites!

Yeah I've tried that on a few websites but no success. The game is Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.

Are you running any kind of drive emulation software, like Daemon tools, or similar? It could be the copy protection on the disc throwing the installer for a loop.

Not sure, that could be the problem though. Is there anyway I can check for things like that? Thanks.

Alcohol 120% creates a virtual cdrom drive in mycomputer .to mount image right click on the drive icon in mycomputer and direct it to the image ,did you try to mount the image ,you created and install from there . try creating a image of both cds and mount disk 1 first ,start the install then mount disk 2

The same stupid CRC error happens with Morrowind too...

Caperjack, I've tried that too, but it stills seems to be a problem with the second disc and my computer. Is there any possibility of it being the actual CD drive? I would just put a new one in but its a real bugger to do and I'm not going to do it unless I have to. Whenever I put this CD in the CD Drive makes a loud humming noise (louder than usual) so maybe that has something to do with it.

not sure ,i have a new computer and some of hte disks i put in wind up really fast ,but not all of them !so i dont know that it means anything !
make sure the disk 2 is good and clean