Any and all buttons, OK and Cancel among others, will do a weird rapid

switching like something is clicking them really fast. It even happens

in Safe Mode. Other weird things like windows opening and shutting, or

not wanting to shut are happening also. I scanned with AdAware SE,

Spybot 1.3, Norton Antivirus 2003 and an online antivirus scanner.

Nothing is showing up. They also purchased a new mouse but that didn't

stop it. It's driving the end-users crazy. Help!

Boot into Safe mode'. You do that by holding down the <F8> key after the screens of POST info have displayed and before the Windows logo screen shows, and then choosing 'Safe Mode' from the boot menu.

Run the tools you've mentioned from within Safe mode.

The nasties you have on your system are possibly loaded into memory at startup, and thus difficult to remove.

Report back if you still have the problem afterwards, please.

I booted into Safe Mode and did all the scanning, nothing showed up. I checked in the registry in the Run area, nothing abnormal there. HiJack this shows nothing unusual either. It is still doing the weirdness.

Was I confronted with a system like that and couldn't correct it with virus and other nasties tools, I'd wipe it, fresh install and see if it corrected the problem. If it didn't I'd be looking for hardware problems.

You mentioned 'they' and 'end-user'. Is this for a customer?