I changed some file types under folder options to change some internet stuff.
I must have done something wrong because now I click on program shortcuts and nothing will open. No programs, no Windows help, No internet, nothing! The Start button and the Control Panel are available but when I click on: Start - Program access and defaults - nothing. Any idea what I have done? Thanks

Windows XP-Pro

Why did you find it necessary to change file types? Have you tried System restore to revert your system back to a date before you made all of these changes?

I was trying to create a desktop icon that linked directly to a webpage.
When I clicked on the new icon, on the desktop, I got an error message that said this file did not have an associated program and that I should register the file type. I registered the file (an .exe file) with IE as the associated program.
When I look for that file, it can't be found again??

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