I am running Vista. I recently had the computer in the shop and a new video card was installed. (HP) Once it was returned all was well for about 1 week. Then my printer would not be recognized. I unplugged the usb cable and it would work for a while then stop again. I uninstalled software and re-installed, still the same problem. The computer stopped recognizing any devices on any of the USB ports except the Key Board. I attached a USB Hub and once the computer was booted up it would recognize it for a short while. Then it crashed and I got a blue screen that stated" Hardware conflicts, system shut down to protect information." I re-booted, and had to back up system on CD's because it would not recognize USB ports and did not list them on my control panel. No thumb drive to back up to. Took it to Geek Squad and they find nothing.

H e l p !!!

I am still running XP, cause I have heard a lot of bad news about VISTA from my friends. I don't know what to do.