We have wireless home network- using N Utra Range Plus from Linksys- one hard wired XP PC, 1 Vista PC with wireless adapter and 1 Vista Notebook with wireless adapter. We do not have or want file sharing, only internet access.

We tried to add another Vista Notebook, but Linsksys Easy Link Adviser (Leyla) shows shows this notebook as Windows Media Sharing Device, which then changes settings on all of the wireless PCs and throws them off network.

This has happened several times.

Any suggestions as to how to disable the Windows Media Sharing?

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See if these help;



Also, go to Control Panel/Network and Internet/Network and Sharing Center to view and change your sharing options from there.
Make sure all …

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We do not have or want file sharing, only internet access.

I fail to see the need for a network setup if you only want internet on all machines. i have wireless router and 5 computer getting internet from it as i type this and do not have a network setup ,just an open router with access to all computers .

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