I have an older Toshiba A85 Celeron laptop. Recently, when I started it up, after the XP opening logo page, a BSOD pops up reading


I used F8 to start it up in Safe Mode to see if there was any recently downloaded software that may be causing the problem, and soon after I got to my desktop in safe mode, another BSOD pops up reading


STOP: 0x00000019 (0x00000020, 0xE1D66570, 0xE1D665D8, 0x0C0D040D)"

Can anyone help? Please be detailed as I do not have much computer operating system/hardware experience.



Bad sectors on the hard drive. which means your PC can't read it's instructions, which means you need to move them.

you need to run chkdsk
there is plenty of info around on how to do that.

basically, safe mode.
then go
start-my computer,
rclick c:\ -properties
go to tools tab
error checking
click auto fix errors,
okokok your way out of there,
reboot, hope it gets far enough to start chkdsk,
go make a green tea (work on your Zen patience, this is going to take a while.)