I installed windows 7 about a month or so ago and everything was working fine until one say everything got really slow so i had to restart but when I did the ONLY user account I have on my lap top has dissapeared from the log in welcome screen. It's an alienware mx17 from dell.

I Have tries Alt Ctrl Del twice a billion times, nothing happens.

I have put in the windows 7 cd... nothing happens.

I tried all three safe modes... brings me to the same welcome screen with user accounts to log into.

I can't log in!!! ... I can't fix it if I can't log in... My computer has been like this for 2 weeks I've looked everywhere I can't afford to send it in to get repaired. I can't do anything to fix the problem. I need it for school which starts up again next week...


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I have put in the windows 7 cd... nothing happens.

hi, boot to the bios/setup and make sure that cd drive is set to first boot
or maybe hit f10 or12 for boot device and chose cd drive with the win7 disk in and reinstall

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