I was trying to figure out what startupfiles I could get rid.
Heres what I have: [Hopefully someone can give me an idea of what files aren't needed]

Microsoft Works portfolio
Microsoft Works Update detection
Digital dashboard
load power profile
cal reminder shortcut

I would say that a quick scan of google for the filenames that are in question would result in a pretty good answer.....

Moneystartup = Microsoft Money
scanregistry = Microsoft's Registry Checker
* http://castlecops.com/startuplist-3215.html
taskmonitor = Checks Disk Access Patterns/how often programs are used
PCHealth = Apparently Automatic Updates From MS and Such
Systemtray = Seems To Be The System Tray
Loadpowerprofile = Microsoft Power Management Module
hidserv = Human Interface Device Service (Microsoft usb stuff)
countryselection = Country Selection For A Modem, not needed
PCTVoice = Used by the modem to interface with your computer
CPQeasyACC = Allows programmable keys on mulimedia keyboards
EACLEAN = Easy Access button support for the keyboard
Worksfud = A marketing program for MS Works
Microsoft Works portfolio = The MsWorks Portfolio Manager
Microsoft Works Update detection = Checks For New Versions of Ms Works
CPQINET = Lets AOL and Compuserve use Easy Access for the internet
Digital dashboard = Outlook Stuff (such as news, stock quotes, and so on)
tour = Probably A Tour of Windows Or Some Other Program
load power profile = Same As The First One
* http://castlecops.com/startuplist-1899.html
schedlingagent = Used For Scheduling Defrag, and other tasks
* If The Name Was NOT mistyped when you entered it
* Then You Might Want To Check If It's Spyware Or Not
statemgr = Microsoft’s PC State Manager Stub (system restore)
KB891711 = Windows Security Update
trueVector = Looks Like Something From Zone Alarm
cal reminder shortcut = pop-up reminder of events with the MS Office Calendar

Hopefully that information will help you to make an informed decision about what to keep and what to get rid of.

Nowdays one would find these adwares installed on the comps. Mostlikely than not its infected. I would suggest that you install the adware remover from lavasoft (its free) and run them often.

Now even Microsoft has come out with a spyware porgram that one can download for free from their site

Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta is suitable only for use with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

It will not install and run on Windows 98 or Windows Me

Sorry about that.....

*mumbles something about countless windows versions*

Ok then I'll try and do what you guy suggested so Thanks very much for your time and help with this Comatose, selbourne, and Catweazle.