A have a acer laptop that has a 60 GB HD with a c: and e: partition. I did not install the partition and don't know what program created the partition. I would like to remove it without losing any data or if possible without making a backup and of course I would like to do this for free!

It can be done, but you may want to re-think it. A large system partition = slow performance. If you are out of disk space, try moving your paging file there to increase performance. Or even useit for archives so you can reinstall your OS without affecting them.

Are you SURE this is not a Restore partition with hidden files?

But if you insist, don't forget to back up first:


Thanks for the reply. This is a non computer literate persons computer. I was told the computer came with the partition. I am fairly good with computer stuff but this is definitely more than I have done before but I do understand the concept and terminology. The computer as I ran some spyware and virus scans show over 700,000 files.

You will need to find a third party program to re-size the active partition because as far as I know, Win XP does not support this directly. You could back up your user files and do a clean install of XP. You will need an XP Disk. Delete all partitions when Setup gets to the point where it asks which partition to install to. Then install to the unallocated space (the whole drive).

Or, go to cnet.com and find a free partition utility that suits you (I sent a link to one in my last post).

If you need details post here.

Good luck.

I am guessing but as you posted in Vista, Windows 7 that you are running Vista. You say the partitions are labeled "A" "C" and "E" I assume that your CD/DVD drive is "D".
Drive "A" is your floppy drive (If you have one or not) and can not be a partition on your hard drive.
before you start to do any work on your machine you need more information about it, download and run Belarc Adviser
and then post back with some details about your machine, system and drive details.

sounds to me like you should leave well enough alone ,the small partition is like a restore partition and some day you will likely wish you had not remove it

yeah. Acers come with a large partition, It contains system restore functionality and is for use with thier bundled backup software too.

if you have a "real" windows DVD for that laptop, its *probably* safe to get rid of the partition, otherwise definately not.