I have a dell latitude D531 series Laptop and it will not boot up at all. There is a blue screen of death with the message of 'unmountable boot volume'. When I boot into windows repair mode, the operating system is not shown. I cannot boot into safe mode. I have tried the command 'chkdsk' and the hard drive doesnt have any bad sectors. I have made sure that the hard drive is locked in place.

Is turning it into an external drive the only way to attempt to get any data off of the hard drive? Is the data gone all together?

I have the windows product key, so would reinstalling fix the problem and would I be able to save any data?

I am sorry if I am posting in the wrong topic/forum.

Any and all help is appreciated.


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There are a number of disk partition managers and I would suggest tryinjg to boot from a 'boot' cd either linux or original windows installation disk and then do a repair on the master boot record. If that does not fix it then it looks like a re-install, but that may detect and be able to repair without loosing data. This will have to be from the original disk (or the repair partition if the machine has one).


Hello, yes re installing Windows will usually fix the problem. If you don't have important files I suggest you reformat the hard drive then partition it into 2. Use the second drive for data or documents then the 1st for the OS. HTH

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