Hi everyone: I need some help here... I have a basic home network. cable modem into a wireless router. 2-pc's get a wireless signal from the router and 1PC is directly plugged into the router. all 3 PC's are running XP pro and receive their respective IP addresses from the router via DHCP "automatically. I decided to put together a make shift server with an old PC. I purchased new RAM, video card, HDD and Windows Advanced Server 2000. The PC is ready to be my server. My question is this...

How should I plug in / add the server to my current setup? Should I just plug it in to the router like the other PC? I stopped at the "configure your server" section because I was nervous that I would mess up my current setup. I only want 1 PC to access the server (authenticate itself through the server). I want the others to remain the same untouched as they are. Will my server receive an IP through the router DHCP after running configure your server and making it a domain controller?

Any and all help advice is MUCH APPRECIATED! :cool:


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