I have Pentium III with 550 mhz, with system windows 98 SE version 4.10.2222A, x86 family 6 model 8 stepping 6, 190 MB RAM. my computer is very slow so my friend told me reformat the harddisk. we lost the win 98se cd but it is saved in drive D: of my computer. how can i reformat the drive C: without win 98 cd but installed on D:? if i reformat the drive c: it doesnt affect the drive d:?
please help me. sorry but i'm only a beginner hope you can help me.
thank you in advance

Two things you need to do in preparation. The first is to use Add/Remove programs to create a startup diskette.

The second is to ensure you have the CD install keycode for Window 98, as you won't be able to install it, even off the hard drive, if you don't have it. If you've lost the keycode, download and install Belarc Advisor www.belearc.com/download and its report will give you the keycode for your current installation.

When you've got that ready, you need only boot from the Startup disk, navigate to the directory where the Windows install files are located, and run setup.

after you got your cd key and back up your data, go to d: directly 2 click setup icon. may easier than comand line.
other thinking is just defrag your c: it may works well.

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