Well like the name says I'm and so freaking new. Trying to learn as much as I can from every place that I can but there are two things that I really want to see about doing. First I would like to change the sound my computer makes when it starts up to the sound of the Tardis. The OS that the computer is using that I want this done on is Windows Vista Home Premium. Secondly I was wondering what anyone can tell me about making computer robots. I want to know as much about them as I can. Nothing really particular I want them for except maybe use one to plant and harvest on my Farmtown on Facebook, but other than that I just want to know how to make them and everything.

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what has this to do with unwanted sounds on my pc. that's what i clicked on.

lol lol lol
its get funnier everyday
that's what i clicked on ,
what in a goole search . the above poster want to replace what sound plays when windows starts ,that means he has a sound on his computer that he doesn't want!
what sound do you have that you don't want

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