Hi folks,

Today I downloaded Windows Defender Beta 2 form the Microsoft site. I've downloaded it and I have tryed to install it. All I get is an error message saying:

C:\Documents and Settings\Jason\Desktop\WindowsDefender.msi

Access is denied.

I also tryed running another .msi file I have and I recived the same Access is denied error message. I also got all but one out of 60 or so high-priority updates from Windows Update. Before that I recieved an error message saying something like I need the latest updates. I am using Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2. According to the Add/Remove Programs control panel applet my Windows Installer version is is 3.1 (KB893803)

Thanks in advance.

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And another thing, this only started happening since I downloaded those 60 updates. Before that everything was fine.


Great, now I can't open .txt files from Windows Explorer!:mad: I just get the error message:

(File Path)

Access is denied.

Same as the .msi files, so I'm guessing that there's a file somewhere on my computer that both Windows Installer and Notepad need to access but it's in use. Some help would really be appriciated as this problem is really starting to bug me. Thanks!:D

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