i have some computers working with windows xp pro and with restricted user accounts using HP 3500 deskjet color printers for printing. after some times black cateridges were replaced. but the computer stop printing with black cateridges within restricted users but prints well with admin rights. in user account even it reads data for printing moves cateridge over paper but doesn't drop ink.
interesting thing is that all coputers did printing before replacing black cateridge in restricted account but after that except 02 computers all doesn't print with black . plz help me

try logging into the domain as an administrator and sharing the printer to other users

if that doesnt work: attempt to give admin rights to the restricted user(s)
then switch to the user and print if that works it may be a user group issue.

you shouldnt have to set the printer up on a XPPro Client on the domain unless it is directly connected to the printer

if youre sharing the printer via samba on a linux box
you'll want to ensure that all XPpro desktops do not have the printer setup and shared
as it may conflict with CUPS.. you may also have to add the restricted users to the
user access list in /etc/samba/smb.conf to ensure they can print properly and have
access to the print resource.

else i reccomend calling the manufacturer or trolling their FAQ on the web..