Hi everyone!
After upgrading to Win 2003 Server, the system does not boot successfully. It just booted successfully for 3 times only. What happens is the system boot up to the Win 2003 logo and after that it halts! It appears like the monitor is on power save state, but it isn't. When the system is booted in safe mode, it boots successfully and there is no network connection when I tried to establish. I tried to diagnose some key issues in safe mode but I didn't succeed. Any one who is familiar with this kind of problem, please give some solution....

Can you access the "halted" system over the network? Try using "ping" from the command line of another computer.

The fact that you can boot safe mode indicates a driver problem.

I suggest booting safe, then checking the event logs, especially the "System" log, for issues. You'll probably find some warnings and/or errors. If a driver is failing that isn't 100% critical, disable it (Device Manager) and reboot into full mode. For critical devices like disk drivers, you might have to be more inventive... Remember for a Video driver issue you can probably revert to using the vga driver (I think uninstalling the "proper" driver and Windows will automatically enable the vga one).

The solution didn't work. The event log doesn't reveal any failure of any of the drivers.