why does my computer keep freeezing i have just reformated it and its still doing it mozilla goes to 100% ive tried other browsers and it still does it when i try to download help files it wont allow it whats going on with it

Alright, first tell us everything you know about your computer. Which operating system? Hard drive model? did you build it yourself? if not, is is a dell? HP?.....

ill post a run down from aida 32
Field Value
Front Side Bus Properties
Field Value
Motherboard Name Gigabyte GA-7VM400M-RZ
Field Value
Motherboard Properties
Motherboard ID 05/20/2004-KM400-8235-6A6LYG0ZC-00
Motherboard Name Gigabyte GA-7VM400M-RZ

Front Side Bus Properties
Bus Type DEC Alpha EV6
Bus Width 64-bit
Real Clock 134 MHz (DDR)
Effective Clock 268 MHz
Bandwidth 2144 MB/s

Memory Bus Properties
Bus Width 64-bit
Real Clock 134 MHz (DDR)
Effective Clock 268 MHz
Bandwidth 2144 MB/s

Chipset Bus Properties
Bus Type VIA V-Link
Bus Width 8-bit
Real Clock 67 MHz (ODR)
Effective Clock 536 MHz
Bandwidth 536 MB/s

Motherboard Physical Info
CPU Sockets/Slots 1 Socket 462
Expansion Slots 3 PCI, 1 AGP
Integrated Devices Audio, Video, LAN
Form Factor Micro ATX
Motherboard Size 230 mm x 240 mm
Motherboard Chipset KM400

Motherboard Manufacturer
Company Name Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
Product Information http://tw.giga-byte.com/MotherBoard/Products/Products_NewProduct_List.htm
BIOS Download http://tw.giga-byte.com/Motherboard/Support/BIOS/BIOS_List.htm
Field Value
Physical Memory
Total 767 MB
Used 389 MB
Free 378 MB
Utilization 51 %

Swap Space
Total 1877 MB
Used 319 MB
Free 1558 MB
Utilization 17 %

Virtual Memory
Total 2645 MB
Used 708 MB
Free 1936 MB
Utilization 27 %

Physical Address Extension (PAE)
Supported by Operating System Yes
Supported by CPU Yes
Active No
Field Value
North Bridge Properties
North Bridge VIA VT8378 UniChrome KM400
Revision 00
Package Type 552 Pin HSBGA
Package Size 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm
Process Technology 0.22 um
Core Voltage 2.5 V
In-Order Queue Depth 4

Memory Controller
Bank Interleave 4-way

Memory Timings
CAS Latency (CL) 2.5T
RAS Precharge (tRP) 2T
Command Rate (CR) 2T

Memory Slots
DRAM Slot #1 256 MB (DDR SDRAM)
DRAM Slot #2 512 MB (DDR SDRAM)

Integrated Graphics Controller
Graphics Controller Type VIA/S3 UniChrome
Graphics Controller Status Disabled

AGP Controller
AGP Version 3.05
AGP Status Enabled
AGP Device nVIDIA GeForce FX 5200
AGP Aperture Size 128 MB
Supported AGP Speeds 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x
Current AGP Speed 8x
Fast-Write Not Supported
Side Band Addressing Supported, Enabled

Chipset Manufacturer
Company Name VIA Technologies, Inc.
Product Information http://www.via.com.tw/en/products/chipsets
Driver Download http://www.viaarena.com/?PageID=2
Field Value
BIOS Properties
BIOS Type Award Modular
Award BIOS Type Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG
Award BIOS Message 7VM400M-RZ F2
System BIOS Date 05/20/04
Video BIOS Date 10/05/04

BIOS Manufacturer
Company Name Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
Product Information http://www.phoenix.com/en/products/default.htm
BIOS Upgrades http://www.esupport.com/biosagent/index.cfm?refererid=40

Problems & Suggestions
Suggestion Are you looking for a BIOS Upgrade? Contact eSupport Today!
Field Value
CPU Properties
CPU Type AMD Athlon XP 2000+
CPU Alias Thoroughbred-B
CPU Stepping B0
CPUID CPU Name AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2000+
CPUID Revision 00000681h

CPU Speed
CPU Clock 1674.92 MHz
CPU Multiplier 12.5x
CPU FSB 133.99 MHz
Memory Bus 133.99 MHz

CPU Cache
L1 Code Cache 64 KB
L1 Data Cache 64 KB
L2 Cache 256 KB (On-Die, Full-Speed)

Motherboard Properties
Motherboard ID 05/20/2004-KM400-8235-6A6LYG0ZC-00
Motherboard Name Gigabyte GA-7VM400M-RZ (3 PCI, 1 AGP, 2 DDR DIMM, Audio, Video, LAN)

Chipset Properties
Motherboard Chipset VIA VT8378 UniChrome KM400
CAS Latency (CL) 2.5T
RAS Precharge (tRP) 2T
Command Rate (CR) 2T

SPD Memory Modules
DIMM1 256 MB PC2100 DDR SDRAM (2.5-3-3-6 @ 133 MHz) (2.0-2-2-5 @ 100 MHz)
DIMM2: Nanya M2U51264DS8HB3G-5T 512 MB PC3200 DDR SDRAM (3.0-3-3-8 @ 200 MHz) (2.5-3-3-7 @ 166 MHz) (2.0-2-2-6 @ 133 MHz)

BIOS Properties
System BIOS Date 05/20/04
Video BIOS Date 10/05/04
Award BIOS Type Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG
Award BIOS Message 7VM400M-RZ F2
DMI BIOS Version F2

Graphics Processor Properties
Video Adapter nVIDIA GeForce FX 5200
GPU Code Name NV34 (AGP 8x 10DE / 0322, Rev A1)
GPU Clock 250 MHz
Memory Clock 182 MHz

this is all the info i think if you need anything else just ask

i also have adaware and micro soft anti spy installed

sorry xp home edition service pack 2 :o

How recently did you "just" reformat it? If it was just a few days ago, this is probably a hardware issue. Otherwise, it could be a virus or spyware, but this is not likely because of the software you're running.
Try running memtest86 to see if you memory's bad. These kind of problems are usually related to memory because it goes bad often, and when it does, it still works but only some of the time.

it was done on friday i also cannot open any links from outlook express or download bt help files could this be realated

Then this is either a hardware issue or a driver issue. Try downloading all the new drivers for your system from the manufacturer website. If the problem persists, you're going to have to go through the painful process of finding out which piece of hardware is causing the problem. I had a problem on my pc where the network card was causing my computer to hang. I found this out after switching out my cpu, ram, and video card with a friend's. After all that I realized that when I was not online, my computer didn't hang. Good luck!

Oh and I saw your Outlook problem on the other thread, it's definitely related.

how do i download memtest i just tried and i confused the heck out of me

it's easy, just download the zip file and extract it (all in the same directory). Run Rawrite.exe and it will ask you for the image name, type memtest.bin and push enter. Then it'll ask you for a drive letter; type "A" push enter
put a blank floppy in your drive and push enter
After it's done writing, reboot and keep the floppy in the drive
Let it run for a few hours/overnight, it'll try writing all kinds of data to your ram and check it for errors. I haven't done it for a while, but it gives you a whole lot of data, but I think one of the things it says is "number of errors" or something equally as simple. If not, the website should give you some help deciphering what memtest is trying to tell you.

Ive Updated The Moterboard Drivers And Its Still The Same My Floppy Wont Acept The Disk Is There Anyother Way Of Try Memtest

Won't accept the disk? Do you mean that it won't create the disk, or that you can't boot off of it?

Another way out of memtest would be to do what I did: Find a close friend and swap his parts into your case and see how they work. I was fortunate that my friend had the same exact motherboard as me, but it doesn't really matter.

Also, check ALL your drivers, not just your motherboard (your video card has more power over your system than you think!)

will try them now my floppy disk is broken so it wont take the disk

: ive done all you ask and there are no errors any more ideas please

its still maxing out and also has started to restart by it self

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