I have this HP Pavilion dv2416us (DV2000) laptop that i'm trying to creat a WinCrisis floppy disk & compress (using WinZip or 7-Zip ) the bios file once saved to a folder on my C: drive.
The laptop will not boot up because of a bad reflash, I believe.
Been to the HP business forum under the link: CRISIS RECOVERY DISK, followed by:CRISIS RECOVERY DISK #2.
They explain how to create the disk to a external floppy drive & i've tried it & get confused how to change the HP bio's file name to bios.wph to copy to the disk files already created on the disk.
This procedure is so tedious to perform for me & not too familiar with moving the files around to the right place.
The only way it's possible to get this done is have someone walk me through the procedure step by step.
Have printed out all the info needed.
The WinZip procedure is rather hard to figure out also.
You must have it done correctly so that the laptop will recognize the bios created on the floppy or the floppy drive will not cause the laptop to beep randomly while accessing the external floppy drive.
I know how to go into the recovery mode method by pressing the Windows+B keys to get the fan to speed up.
I'm very familiar with flashing any bios when a system is up & running & have done it many times without any problems on some of my client's computers.
I know once I get this procedure accomplished I will be able to do it anytime.
I'm in the process of trying to perform it now throughout the weekend & will not stop till I get it right.
Hope someone here can guide me through the procedure where I can understand it better.
Not too savey at this & would like to know more about it.
Anyone's support is greatly needed badly!!
My client's telling me he wants the laptop back so he can detroy it but i'm wanting to use this laptop to perform this procedure & make him happy.
Too nice of a laptop to destroy & offered to buy it from him but he would rather get rid of it.
He got a IPad instead & likes it better than a laptop anyday.
These HP DVxxxx series laptops are a piece of junk & are documented all over the HP support forum site.
Many have reported them to the BBB & have also tried sueing HP for all the problems they have.
Some have gone as far as contacing Mark Hurd (General Manager of HP) with no success.
HP support is a waste of time & all they want to do is have you send it in for repairs & get your money or try to get you to purchase another computer.

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hi, to complicated for me too,but its my understanding that if it had a bad flash its not going to work anyway, as it needs a good working bios to be able to boot to a floppy drive or and drive for that matter

I highly disagree with you "caperjack", cause if you read some of the post on the Crisis Recovery Disk link on HP Business Forum 1&2 ( the first one is rather slow to launch from being so long of a post), you will read some of them having the black screen on bootup with all power to the systems, being any DVxxxx series laptop & launching the floppy with long beeps & letting it sit for 10 minutes or more till it executes the file.
Mine is doing the same but only beeps 2 short beeps (on a normal bootup without using the Crisis Recovery Floppy first) & not 1 long & 2 short.
Those are for issues with the GPU overheating & coming unseated from the base & have to be reheated or replace the mobo all together.
I just want to see if my clients laptop is either a bios reflash issue or something else.
The floppy external drive plugged into the laptop DOES power up but does not perform the flash procedure & I do believe it's a wrong procedure i'm doing trying to get the floppy set up correctly.
I won't know till I get it right, then I will go on to the next step seeing if it's a overheated GPU issue.
Then he will want the laptop back to get rid of it if it's an overheated GPU.
Doesn't want to sink alot of money into it.
If you want to read how they do the procedure & understand it better than me then get back to me & walk me through the correct way to perform it.
Got up real early this morning trying to decifer how to do it & getting closer everytime.
Guess i'll have to go to another site to see if someone else can help me out & walk me through the procedure step by step if you or someone else here can't help me out.
I'm still learning how to compress & execute files using the compression software as I mentioned earlier.
I wrote it all down to the point where I got to a dead end.
Thank's for your reply though.
Not trying to be a smart a$% & I appoligize if you take me the wrong way.
Thank's again!

everyone is allowed to disagree ,especially with me .lol
save me some searching and post a link to the hp side you refer to .not saying ill understand it but willing to look

"caperjack" I might be getting somewhere.
I read a post on "Vista laptop dead after hibernation" link here & might have a solutiion.
It has a replier talking about the TurboCache Drivers being corrupt & when I was working on the laptop while it was still able to boot to Vista to resolve the wireless issue I deleted that driver in the device manager & that seems to be where I problem started most likely but not for sure.
So i'm going to try & see if I can find those drivers & see if I can reload them from the external Dell floppy drive but most likely wil have to use the Crisis recovery method if i'm not mistaken.
Is there a way I can use my HP Vista desktop machine & reload the recovery disks I have to the laptop from the dvd/rw drive using my external power supply kit?
Man!!! This is going to be a challenge for me.
Wish me luck.

Oh! just got through reading your comment & appreciate your helping me out.
Might just wait to post a message on one of my other forum sites.
Tjis might be an interesting task to see what's up with this laptop.
You won't find any links for any laptop botting up with only 2 short beeps anywhere.
Just one's booting up to 1 long & 2 short beeps.
I'm not going to waste my time contacting HP to see if they would know whats up with it booting up with 2 short beeps.
They might just charge me for it & i'm not about to let them have any of my money since this is all their fault in the beginning.
Thank's again very much!
We both might learn alot from this to help others cause their are many out there with the same issues.
Might win the Nobel prize for this one.LOL!!

I read this many yrs ago! and will quote what i read ,

quote :The bios is to a computer what a pair of skates are to a skater: one is nothing with out the other: /quote

so if computer had a bad flash ,there is no instructions in the bios anymore ,therefor computer will no boot until bios chip is replaced with one with correct info

edit:!did a google search and i guess my quote is out dated for some laptops and some bios makers

how to change the HP bio's file name to bios.wph to copy to the disk files already created on the disk.

thats easy part of the whole thing i think .
you download the hp flash utility and correct bios file .they should come together in a zip ffolder , unzip the files to desired working loacation like your desktop. then right click on the hp bios file and chose change name and type in bios.wph,hit enter to make changes .
if we were at same hp forum the one whre first post was made in 2005 by IFF,then he has an attachment file for you to download to help in creating cricess recover disk .do that ,then just copy/past or drag and drop the flash tool and the renamed bios file to the floppy ,by simply opening the floppy in windows explorer nad dragging files from desktop to floppy

edit ,i downloaded the attachment and it has his bios update for his model and the flash utility and will when you run it create the floppy needed
still not clear if this is what he i refering to a crices recovery disk
did you use the suggested method of seeing if your laptop has the abbility to do this ,by hitting the FN key and B key or windows key & B
this is were i was .

I'm still keeping your valuble info to take into consideration & see if I can try to flash the bios back to the current one from HP drivers & support.
The situation I might have will most likely be a deleted Turbo Cache driver from the 6150 NVIDEA GeForce 430 chipset which is standard for this model with a AMD cpu & try to reinstall it from possibly causing my problem with no video on boot.
When I boot it up it has no sound as well where I should be hearing Vista launch (the chime sound) All I hear if I hold my ear close to the keyboard is 2 short beeps.
On Hp beep codes or blinks it says if It blinks or beeps 2 times it's like you said "A bad bio's flash or corrupt".
I hope I don't have to replace the chip.
Have only done this on one of my desktops I have on an A6437C HP Pavilion desktop which i'm using right now.
It wound up being a bad mobo & had to replace it with an OEM FoxConn.
Thought at first it might have been a bio's issue cause it would not boot & had all the exact symtoms this laptop has now.
I know the mobo on this laptop is ok though.
That's telling me I might also have a problem with my sound drivers as well.
When I started having this problem a while back (when it would boot to Vista) I went in to the device manager under the NVIDEA Graphics drivers & accidently deleted & didn't disabling it like I was suppost to do.
That's why I most likely lost my video.
Can't explain the no sound though.
Didn't tamper with the sound drivers while it would boot to Vista.
Wonder if I can connect it to an external flat panel monitor & see what happens.
If i'm correct, I should have sound from Vista booting up if I deleted the Graphics drivers?
If what you say is correct about the bio's issue being the issue I will try my best to revive it by trying to reflash it to the earlier version from HP drivers & support link.
I have all the drivers from HP (for this DV2000 (DV2416us) saved to a folder on my hdd for execution if need be.
Sorry for the long write.
I'd like to get this resolve cause I hate to see this laptop go in the trash or become a doorstop like many have done to theirs.
Thank's for your support.

hi,i edited my post #8 after you made last post!
the laptop should still boot after you removed video drivers ,it would boot to and use microsoft default video driver .

Your #8 post makes a liitle more sense on how to flash it.
I have all the utilities,PDF etc. to do it.
Now getting it all arranged which I have been trying to do this morning.
Did I forget to mention i'm doing this from my HP desktop under Vista?
The folder icons are differant from one of my other WXP desktops.
Thats where I get confused & most likely need to ignore. the icons being differant.
I'm kinda new to Vista but learning more about it navigating through folders & such.
Thinking of upgrading to Windows 7 later on this HP desktop if you highly recommend it.
May even install it on my Gateway M465E laptop too. (which by the way is better than HP laptops).
It's running WXP Pro SP3 IE8.
Man! i'm sooo new to this but willing to learn alot more about it if i'm going to keep my computer workshop up & going. (PCTech inc.).
Just do repairs on close friend's & relitives for now till I retire next year from my existing job in Feb. 2011.
I'm going to give your comments a whirl & see if I can get it right.
You've helped me out in the past with some of my desktops issues & greatly appreciate it.
Thank's man!
Your the best!

One more thing if I may.
Vista does work a little differant than XP doesn't it.
I'm more familiar with XP working with files & compression software & that might be where I get confused at times.
I use both 7-Zip & WinZip for compression use.
Get a little confused when I Right Click on a folder on my desktop to execute the files for the Crisis Recovery.
It keeps telling me in the "cmd.exe windows" system cannot find the WinCris bios.wph, make sure you typed the name correctly & then try again.
I double click on the batch file & it tells me "bios.wph file not found"
Man!! How confusing this can be.
There are 16 more Phlash files in the folder I can try if another one fails.
I may use my Gateway XP Pro laptop to continue using the exteranal Dell floppy drive.

vista can unzip files without 3rd part zip program .

have you seen this link /info.there is a link for zipped or self extracting download ,get the self extracting much easier to deal with just click on it and direct it to the A:\ drive

when i have customer who don't want to bother, i just give it back to them and let them trash it if they want

Yes I already printed this one out but put it aside for later studying & I guess I need to read more about it to understand it better.
Right now i'm trying to find my external kit so I can plug in the laptop drive which by the way is a LBA drive & not a common IDE/SATA drive like mine in my Gateway laptop witha wider grove on the cables for the power & ide slots on the hdd..
The ends where it slotted for the cables are thinner than mine on my Gateway laptop hdd & cannot use the one I have now.
Have to buy one that will work on the HP laptop hdd.
Going to try & look at the hdd & see if I can access the device manager or anything to that fact if it can be done & see if it has any device drivers in there that need attention to.
Never tried this but it's at least a look see unless i'm wasting my time.
It states in the link you supplied me & the one I printed out that bio's could be corrupt if there is no keyboard functions.
Mine has that function cause I can access the CRM by pressing the Windows+B keys & the fan spins up fast.
It also does not boot on & off on it's own.
It just merely stays running with all lights staying lit & the hdd spinning all the time.
Tried all methods like removing the cmos batt & leaving it out all night & them reinstalling it.
After it beeps 2 short beeps the hdd light blinks 3 times & then goes out with some clicking sounds inside then it stops clicking like it trying to access the hdd.
With the floppy drive attached the frt. light for the drive (on the laptop)flickers a bit then it goes out.
Does the same if I have a cd in the drive.
I also listened real close with my ear up to the keyboard for any Vista chime sounds like it's trying to load Vista at boot thinking it might be a video issue.
Thank's again & again.

when i have customer who don't want to bother, i just give it back to them and let them trash it if they want

Yeh! But this gives me a chance to learn alot more how to do this procedure even though it might be a little frustrating to most like ME.
And if I accomplish this with the help you given me, then I can give myself a pat on the back & feel better about myself that i've done something right for a change & share with others when their in this prediciment. (I guess that's spelled right)

ok!good luck

Just to let you know my client came by today & picked up the laptop.
Told him it was either the bio's or the GPU overhaeted & he told me he played alot of games on it.
That explains alot there.
Won't work on alot of laptops with these types of issue having anything to do wth the mobo needing repaired or replaced.
Just mainly all desktops which i'm well familiar with repairing them for all types of issues.
It was worth a shot though.
Learned alot from this.
Thank's for you support.

Just to let you know my client came by today & picked up the laptop.
Told him it was either the bio's or the GPU overhaeted & he told me he played alot of games on it.
That explains alot there.
Won't work on alot of laptops with these types of issue having anything to do wth the mobo needing repaired or replaced.
Just mainly all desktops which i'm well familiar with repairing them for all types of issues.
It was worth a shot though.
Learned alot from this.
Thank's for you support.

your welcome , i usually only do desktops to but have changed a few cpu fans and the easy changing of ram and hdd and wireless device on laptops ,never played with bios flashes,haven't flashed a bios in about 6 or 7 yrs

I also do some of those things that are real simple.
Laptops aer just too small for me to do any internal taking out the mobo.
Too many screws & not knowing where they all go back & sometimes wind up with extra's. LOL!
That's why I have a large collection of screws.
Take care!

everyone is allowed to disagree ,especially with me .lol
save me some searching and post a link to the hp side you refer to .not saying ill understand it but willing to look

Well he's told me he would give it back to me so I can furthur test it while i'm taking my vacation in the next few day's.
I'm at a point now that it might be something other than a bio's issue.
I'm thinking it more on the line of having a bad lid switch open or the pin connector has come disconnected somehow since it beeps two short beeps like their suppost to during bootup.
Any other abnormal beeps would be (one short & two long beeps) or (random beeps) or (continous beeps) if it has a problem elsewhere.
I'll just have to check it out.
He told me if I can't get it resolved then he's going to shoot it. full of holes.
I asked him if he would sell it to me but he said he would have more pleasure destroying it instead.
What a waste!!

I'm back from a long rest trying to figure out the problem with the HP laptop.
Gave it back to him a while back.
He's going to sell the laptop to me for $200.00 as soon as I get my tax refund check.
Then I can try to figure out whats up with that thing & maybe have a good laptop to use for myself.
Hopefully it's not the NVidia GPU chipset overheating issue cause if it is i'll have to look into the lawsuit against NVidia on certain models besides HP's & see if its covered under it.
Gateway's are excluded.
My Gateway M465E is still going strong.

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