I was always told that when u press ctrl alt delete, it should tell u that u are running programs. I was also told that at start up u should ony be running Systray and Explorer, now i am only running Systray, how can i run Explorer again????

If your not running explorer your going to need to reboot for windows 98

Tried rebooting Windows but i still aint running Explorer. Is it best just to delete everything and reboot my whole system? Also does anyone know a good piece of software that could detect any possible viruses or faults? I have Norton Anti-Virus but it tells me everything is ok. I don't believe it tho, my PC is too slow for it to be ok.

try installing 98 over the top go to a online scan as well as updating your norton definitions for virus scans never trust just one virus scanner also try http://pestpatrol.com to see if you have anything else lurking on ya system