I recently tried to defragment my computer. I am running windows XP Pro on an IBM ThinkPad T40, Pentium M 1.8 ghz, 512 Ram, 80G harddrive. When it was "done" it gave me a message saying it couldn't defragment a bunch of them, and there was still a large protion of red showing in the expected space area. I found this interesting considering my username is the only one on the laptop and it is set as an administrator. I restarted in safe mode and logged in under Administrator and was able to run disk defrag and it cleaned up all of the files. Any ideas on why i was unable to defragment completely under my user? Also, i've found in my event log that Symantec (my antivirus) is unable to access a whole bunch of files when it runs under my same user name.

If anyone has any ideas they are most appreciated.

Your system could be set up for the admin user and a possible guest user. Im not sure about it, but it is possible.


That was the idea i originally had. I know users can either be a guest, admin. , or a Limited user. I thought i must have messed up when i originally configured and made myself a limited or guest, but when i go to control panel and user accounts it lists my user as an admin. it just seems odd to me that I don't seem to have access to my entire computer as an admin.

Thanks for the response!