I can't update norton or open the Norton tray because every time I click on the "green world" or "yellow pc" appears a window that says:

Please wait while windows configures Norton WMI Update

And that is when that windows close and nothing happen again.

I tried several times to switch off the pc, uninstall Norton, install it again, and again, and then switch off the pc, and so on.

I download some programs like Hijackthis or whatever is called, run several times ms antispyware but nothing, nothing solve the problem.

Having read some posts I believe that the problem reside on the register.

Another thought: When I uninstall Norton, come up a window that says that something has not been able to uninstall it and then switch off the pc.

When it restarts again, the first thing that appears after I try to open Norton is a windown that says:
"A product that requires Norton WMI Update is still installed on this system"

And this means I can't run norton scan, or update it.

Please I beg for H.E.L.P.
Thanks in advance


I forgott to say:

I use XP
Norton 2004
Live update does not work at all.
I had wireless that I have disconected (just in case)
I've got broadband
My Norton is bought and it last until March 06.
My computer is 1 year old
Hope this will help you.