Hey everybody, I am having a slight problem with my computer. A few minutes ago, I just turned on my computer and everything was normal (all the start-up programs loaded) but for some reason I couldn't open Firefox or any other programs. So I closed a usual culprit, "explorer.exe." Before anybody jumps on me for closing explorer, let me explain. My computer is not very good. For some reason, explorer sometimes will lag horribly or freeze up my computer and the only way I can make it function normally again is to close explorer. However, when trying to run it from the Task Manager, Windows gave me an error, saying it could not recognize "explorer.exe." It gave me that "select program from list/use web service to find out!" box. I was very confused. So after sitting there with no way to open Explorer, I just restarted. Same thing happens again, only this time, none of the usual start-up programs even load. I get some errors like "Cannot open *.ink Use webservice to identify filetype," etc. And the icons for exe programs don't even show up. They have those little data ones.

Me, being the genius that I am, tried to open a exe program, and it said "Use webservice/use list." I was all like I clicked "use the webservice" thinking that it would just say "Cannot open Firefox.exe," but for some reason FireFox opened.

But it still doesn't run when I click on it in the start menu or anything..


MP3 files no longer work because I recieve an error saying "this file type is not associated with a program..."

But Windows Picture and Fax viewer still works.

I am able to open programs by
1) Double-clicking a random file
2) Choosing to open the file with a program from the list
3) Selecting the program that I want to open on the list

I am using Windows XP on a Toshiba Satellite Laptop. I am pretty sure this is running SP1 (definitely not SP2). 512 mb ram, 2.4 ghz pentium 4 processor. This has never happened before!

Please help me. This is a very strange problem. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Note: Sorry if I put this in the wrong forum. I thought about it, and thought that this was the best to put it in! Thanks again!

I don't want to sound harsh, but seeing as you have the ability to still backup any files, would formatting the Laptop and reinstalling the operating system not be a good idea. It just seems you've got a cluster of problems, that are going to take more than the rebuild time to fix.

With that in mind, I might advise perhaps the following, but I would back up all your data, whilst the thing still boots.

- Make sure you have free space on the C:\ drive, a lack of room can ocasionally cause programs not to function, but as you experienced, may still open. You need a nice 700mb free.
- Why not uninstall IE. This and other stuff supplied with XP can be rid through the Add/Remove Programs, "Add/Remove Windows Components".
- Make sure if your using shortcuts the path is correct
- Rename problematic programs, with .exe on the end
- Do usual virus spyware scans.
- Make sure you use the check box, always use this program for files of this type, when selecting "open with"

If I can think of anything else, will post, just make sure you check your room in C:\

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