I have a friend use Window Xp and he backup all his files due to virus?

But after the backup he noticed all his picture files are in *.nco extension.

Does anyone know how to convert them all back to *.jpg formates


i believe .nco file extension is an Nero BackItUp compressed backup file... if you try clickin the file and selecting the option "Open with Nero backItUp Restore", you'll get a conventional "Save as" dialog box from which you can save the file uncompressed and with its normal extension (jpeg) in whichever location you choose...

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So, Ihave a new computer and old back-up files that I need a document from...problem: the old back was done on Nero Burning, and my new computer does not have the program, and I do not have the program, and all the documents/files on the back up disc are .nco extensions...any ideas?

Get a copy of the Nero burning CD. You can download a 30 days trial period and if it works than you buy one. It is good to keep a copy to back up your important files just in case something happen to your computer.