Hi everyone,

Here's a picture of the BSOD message : http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/6654/dsc01882ah.jpg

Almost every time I download several files at the same time, could be normal downloads (without an accelerator) or in a torrent client, I get the blue screen of death.

This only happens when one or more files are being downloaded at relatively "high" speeds, such as 150 - 400 kbps.

I'm using a Netgear WN111 USB wireless adapter and I think it's causing the problems because Netgear did not release any drivers for Windows 7, so I had to use a work around and place the Vista drivers somewhere in the system32 folder (I think) and well it makes the internet work so it's a good fix I guess... I'm just not too happy about the Blue screen of death.

How can I fix this?




My specs (nothing overclocked)

Intel i7 860 Quad core running @ 2,80 Ghz
ATI Radeon 5570 1GB
4GB DDR3 Samsung Ram running @ 1600 Mhz

upload the minidump file.

also in the meantime, set everything clocked back to default. try a system restore point too.

Sorry, what exactly is the mini-dump file? Where do I find it?

I didn't clock anything, if you mean overclocked any hardware.



save your self a lot of BS and go out ad buy a new up to date router

save your self a lot of BS and go out ad buy a new up to date router

Yea well the router is not the problem, the adapter is. And for your information, this IS the latest model, that's why I bought it.... Netgear just haven't made any drivers for windows 7 yet, that's the problem.

reading around i see mention of firewall and anti- virus software causing this the netio.sys seems to be a network error and you can find many references to it in a www.google.com search

Oh of course they say it supports Windows 7, but it only works some of the time and it doesn't work on 64 bit systems (which is my case) so I had to use a work around which isn't exactly stable.

so I had to use a work around which isn't exactly stable.

and ,is as you know, likely the sole cause of your problems

the minidump file should be under c:\windows\minidump

This issue does not seem to be arising due to any problem with the router you are using or download which you do.

It is due to problem with the windows OS or router's OS. I mean that you need to upgrade them to avoid these issues.

Go to microsoft support site and look for any hotfix but easy way is to upgrade OS fully to get issue solved properly.