Can someone help?

My computer got turned off at the wall by mistake and when I turned it on again the usual message came up:

'We apologize for the inconvence etc...

choose an option...

Safe Mode
Safe mode iwth networking
Safe mode with command prompt
LAst known good configiration
start windows normally'

Yet when I highlight an option and hit enter all it does is start up again and go to the same boot menu?

What can I do to stop the loop and see the wndows sign etc. and then login to my account?


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If you have an XP installation disk, or can borrow one, then start the Recovery Console [via Repair an existing installation option] and run...
chkdsk /p


thanks so I did that- tried to repair it using a windows XP cd but to no avail. All it did was give me the option to restart by typing in 'exit'. So I did but the restart just brought me back to the same boot menu.

Should I try setting up windows XP ie installing it?


P.S. sorry I took so long to reply I was searching for the CD...hope ur still there gerbil:)


Hans.... yes, the RC does show you that command, exit. Go back to there, and type in the command I gave you...
chkdsk /p

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great i'll try that in the morning nd let u kno how it goes so i guess just keep checking up on this thread:)

thanks for the code etc.!

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