My computer is running two OS (win me and win2k). I was using mainly win2k until it got infected with the w32.pinfi virus. I tried to remove it, but to no avail (I think I realized to late), and scanned all my files and removed the infected ones since Norton Antivirus 2003 Professional couldn't repair them. BUT.... now my win2k won't boot up! It goes to the startup screen, and just keeps restarting from there. So pretty much, the blue screen w/ the startup box comes up, the start up music plays, and plays and plays and plays.... I was wondering if there was a way to hack into the win2k system from win me. Please help me, I have to retrieve my e-mail files and everything! I've also tried to startup on safe mode, and the same thing happnes.... :-| Also, if anyone can you tell me if it is fixable or not, and how.... that would be great! Thanx!!!

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I am assuming that W2k partition is using NTFS partition. As for a solution I have none other than Recovery Console and have windows repair itself....or at least try. I had this issue once myself, and I learned the hard way that when doing a dual boot, it is advisable to make both partitions a file system that both OS'es can understand. In this case is would have been FAT32.

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