windows xp
i've appeared to have lost the cd-rom drive, it doesnt display on my computer, i went to the device manager and found the TOSHIBA DVD ROM SD-R6112 with a yellow "!" next to it, what does this mean?
i click properties and its says

Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41) what should i do?

some help please?

replace the drive. one quick test to do is to boot off of a bootable disk such as norton or your restore disks. im going to guess you have a toshiba laptop so here instructions on how to test the drive, if not a toshiba repost and ill give you similar but different instruction. when you restart the machine watch the first screen it should say somethign along the lines of press esc or f12 for to select boot device. with a bootable disk in choose this then choose the cdrom. if it boots to the disk then you have a windows issue, if you goto windows, then the drive is bad. booting off the disk superceds windows, so if its a windows issue it will work, if not then its bad,

whatever happened w/the lost toshiba dvd rom? i have the exact same problem and it's making me crazy!

Normally when the yellow exclamation mark shows that means that the device is in the computer twice. Highlight the yellow exclamation line and delete!!!!!!

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