I was fixing my uncles emails and a television channels on his computer but needed help from a friend so downloaded msn 7.0 for his assistance on my aunts computer. They forgot I downloaded it and thought it was some sort of virus and used norton anti virus on msn messenger, and now there is a problem with the computer the entire computer now freezes constantly including the mouse which stops every couple of seconds. No programme can be used without the entire computer freezing and needing to be restarted and once done the whole situation happens again.

He assures me he proformed a full system restore and has checked the norton quarrentine section but nothing is inside the folder.

There are a lot of valuable documents and emails on the computer as she is a teacher and is needed urgently this problem needs to be sorted quickly and any help would be invaluable.

Please excuse my username. I was not aware it cut off the last couple of letters. I meant it to say Quackersforcrackers not quackersforcrac

As far as the data goes, I would suggest getting it off that comuter somehow as soon as possible. I've run into this problem before and lost VERY VERY important data due to the fact that my system would freeze.