I had a computer made for me with Windows ME by a friends brother. PC has worked fine, until when I switched it on today an error message saying "Invalid System disk replace the disk and press any key" has come up as soon as I switch on my computer. I didnt have a boot disk with the pc as it was made for me, so i downloaded one from bootdisk.com. It works and i am able to go through the help process but when I get to the end it comes up with a help page and I cant get passed this, to rectify the problem.

Any help would be very very much appreciated.

Well hold on then. Remove all disks from drives (floppy AND Cd) and reboot. See if it starts.

That message can crop up if the system is set to boot first from floppy or CD, and you've left a disk in the drive which isn't a boot disk!

I have completely checked there is no disks or floppys in the computer!


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