We have McAfee VirusScan on our computer, and it keeps telling me there is a PUP found. The file C:\ProgramFiles\MyWaySA\SrchAsDe\1.bin\deSrcAs.dll
is popping up as potentially dangerous and has been blocked from running on the computer. I checked out the file, and it won't tell me anything about what it's for. When I googled the file, this website came up, so I'm hoping that someone can answer my question!


It's a search assistant. If you read the privacy policy at www.myway.com, they tell you what they do. It's not dangerous, but they collect some information when you visit certain sites.

If you don't want it, uninstall it. It's in Add/Remove programs, listed as MyWay.

I also have a MyWaySA/SrchAsDe/1.bin folder with just deSrcAs.dll in it. A new update of McAfee keeps popping up annoying messages about it being potentially dangerous. It is not listed in Add/Removeprograms and I get an "access denied" message if I try to delete it. This is a home computer, so I ought to have access.