i posted a thread about my dell laptop, p-3 . model 8000, with windows 2000 pro. decided to put xp for the looks in it. ral the program, half way it s,,,topped and said cannot go on sys/32 confg/ missing or corrupted. so i tried again, and again. no luck. i took out the disk re booted and it wouldnt get to the black screen it read, cmdide.sys is missing or corrupt. and push ant key to restart. onver and over! so i put the disk in again tried the set up, got to repair consule ran a dskchk allgood ran a dskchk /p and /r same thing, tried to log on from there, asked for a password. i dont have one.after three tries ,restart! i have a password reset utility i bought[thay work great] after resetting it, still wont let me in. so i called a pro, he said id have to back up all info on a differnt drive and redo it all for 225.00, is that too much seems like it . anybody have any ideas? :p

The errors you were getting were probably due to the quality of your install disk or cdrom, it should give you the option to retry whenever it cant find a file when installing a recent OS. You should always try to retry, if it doesnt work after the 2nd time, try sticking in another OS cd (they usually have similiar files and its just looking for the file, not for the CD). The more recent the OS the better chance you will have of it finding the file. I had to do this with a highly damaged copy of windows server 2003, i used an emergy disc for XP, a windows xp pro and windows xp cd in conjunction and it finally got all the files it needed :D. Just have to be patient.

Also a bad cdrom drive can cause install problems as well.