hello i need some help please...
i have a dell dimension 3000 intergrated sound and graphics i have put a nvida 256 graphics card in and all is fine.

what i want to do is if i can is have a nother hard drive with windows 95 or 98 on and play all my fav game like c & c

can you help please :cheesy: :cheesy:

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The proper way would be to install 98 first and then XP; however it is possible to load 98 on an existing XP install if the c drive is formatted fat or fat32, not ntfs. There are instructions at DougKnox.com.
Just do a search for installing 98 after XP.


If you mean the one I just posted I just checked it in both Firefox and Internet Explorer and it works fine for me. Perhaps a problem at your end?


keep in mind that your computer might not work that well with Windows 98... That computer was "Designed for Windows XP"-- usually that translates to "Too lazy to make drivers for the other OSes"

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